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Awesome VR Game VR The Diner Duo Not Coming to PSVR, CEO Explains Why

Most VR enthusiasts on PC will be able to tell you instantly what VR The Diner Duo is, though most PSVR players probably haven’t a clue. Perhaps that’s for the best, then, as Diner Duo will not be releasing on PS4/PSVR, as explained by Whirlybird Games’ CEO, Kevin Lövgren.

VR The Diner Duo is a fast-paced game where you make burgers and other foods. Doesn’t sound like much when we put it so bluntly but that’s kind of the point; we don’t want people to miss what they’ll never play. Yeah, we’re the real heroes here… (Or just lazy?)

Not too long ago we heard whispers that development for a PSVR version of Diner Duo was in place, yet earlier today we received an email tip telling us that it will not be coming to Sony’s headset. Being the fact-checkers that we are, we shot off an email to Whirlybird Games to see if the studio could shed any more light on it. Here’s what Kevin Lövgren stated to Pure PlayStation:


We have been trying to port the game for quite a while now. However, during development we soon found out several obstacles that would take many months to overcome. Especially with the code, since it wasn’t written with console in mind, our release was intended for the HTC Vive only at first. It was our first game to be released therefore I’m sure many mistakes were made that a more experienced developer might not have done.

We would need to rebuild a lot from scratch to get it to PSVR and even if we did successfully rebuild lots and lots of things, we are not optimistic if VR The Diner Duo meets the standards in the end for a PSVR release. I have been struggling to tell our fanbase this for a few weeks, and kept devoting myself to the development, since their trust and support means everything to a developer and I did not want to let them down. However, we still can’t find a way to make this happen within a reasonable time due to the circumstances.

I will be moving forward with other projects in the future and will learn from this and grow.

There is only one way from here and that is forward.

Knowing that I will not make the same mistake twice.
Ouch. Poor bloke has taken it quite hard. Still, it’s not the end of the world. Eager PSVR players would perhaps do well to stop badgering Kevin. Fact is, he gave it a go and it proved to be too much. End of. Still, bloody shame, eh? Would have been a nice addition to the PSVR’s library.
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Whirlybird Games Statement

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