Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Physical Copies Now Available in US; In Europe on July 3rd

With the pandemic delaying some games, others only saw a digital release. If you were one of the fans waiting to pick up a physical copy of the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, you can grab it now (or order it online) in the US. It’s coming to Europe a few days later on July 3rd.

The double pack of games contains improved and expanded versions of Azure Striker Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. The visuals for this 2D side scroller have been improved, including the menus, and the games now run at 60 FPS. The games also include all of the DLC in the form of new stages, new bosses, and new music. The music will include 20 tracks with one new track just for the release on PlayStation.  For Gunvolt 2, you can now play the game as Copen who can air dash and fire homing shots.

I’ve included a trailer to give you a look at the gameplay and art style. I think it’s really going to resonate with retro fans. It also gives you some of the story which I gleaned from the trailer and Wikipedia. Set in the “near future”, Gunvolt is the main character and an adept. (The trailer narrator says “adept” in the most annoying way.) Adepts have powerful abilities and fall under the control of the Sumeragi Corporation, as does most everything else. As you might expect, they are not nice. Gunvolt uses lightning powers which enable him to shock, block projectiles, and run quickly. He meets a girl named Joule with the power of Lumen, and they work together to help the QUILL organization overthrow the Sumeragi Corporation.

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A retail copy of this double pack will run you $39.99, and it can be purchased from GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon right now. If you are in Europe, it’s a short wait until July 3rd to pick up your copy.

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