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B.J. Tries a Recruitment Pep Talk in Latest Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Trailer

A new trailer was released today showing the number one, alternate history Nazi killer, B.J. Blazkowicz, as he tries to convince Horton Boone to join him and fight. The impassioned plea is further reinforced with the admission that Blazkowicz has kids on the way, and, after taking a drink, he passes out. Oh, B.J. Everyone knows that yelling at rednecks to do something and drinking until you pass out are things to do at a family reunion, not ways to stop Nazi overlords.

After his long history of removing Nazi threats and surviving, we have a feeling he will find a way to make that strategy work. Who knows? By weaving the swearing and slurring into his speech, maybe he can be the walking stereotype of a rage-filled high school football coach after saving the world.

Dear Bethesda, please let that be a DLC pack after the game launches on October 27th.

What do you think he will do when he is just Papa BJ, and the world is free? What career should he pursue after being a professional hero for so long? Let us know your suggestions in the comments. 

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