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Banner of the Maid Gets Miss Elisa’s Journal as Free DLC

Azure Flame Studio has announced that its RPG Banner of the Maid is set to get some DLC in the form of Miss Elisa’s Journal.

The DLC pack includes five new difficult missions to complete, and it’s already available now on PS4 and Steam. If you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, you’ll get access to the DLC from October 3rd, 2020. The good news is that the DLC is completely free, so it won’t cost you anything to get a bit more out of the game.

The DLC takes place after the riots have ended in the French capital city of Paris. Miss Elisa is a brave journalist who decides to go on her own mission to solve the mysteries around Pauline Bonaparte in five highly difficult missions. The DLC can be unlocked at the salon, but only after you’ve cleared the main storyline.

Banner of the Maid released last month and we recently got around to reviewing it. If you’ve not played the game yet, or perhaps you’re just curious as to what we made of it, you can read and watch our Banner of the Maid review.

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