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Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition Leaked By Amazon Germany

It looks like Batman’s cape and cowl will be getting a dusting off by the caped crusader’s faithful butler once more, as Amazon Germany has seemingly leaked the existence of a re-release.

Rocksteady’s third and final entry in the Arkham series was well received, though its DLC and Season Pass were, lets face it, pretty pants. But it looks like we’ll be seeing Batman again on PS4, and presumably other consoles, as Amazon Germany has listed a¬†special edition of Arkham Knight on its store. Hmm.

The game carries a March 17th release date, though it doesn’t specify what makes this the edition to have. If we were to speculate, we’d say that all the DLC will be wrapped into the main game. Makes sense, yeah?

Tip Credit: ItsJustEmman. Cheers, fella.


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