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Batman: Arkham Knight – Game of the Year Edition is Out Now, Sort of

Batman: Arkham Knight was a critical darling upon its release last year, even if the Batmobile was a bit, well, poo. Rocksteady’s third and final (or is it?) entry in its Arkham series was lauded with praise by critics and fans alike, so it’s no wonder there’s a Game of the Year edition. Well, and that Warner Bros. surely couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make a little more cash.

It’s a bit of a strange one, though, because as far as we can tell, Batman: Arkham Knight – Game of the Year Edition is only available in mainland Europe, and not in the UK and North America. Why? We haven’t a clue. We’ve scoured the usual online retailers across the globe and have only found the complete package to be available in mainland Europe. It’s available to buy online as well as in your typical brick-and-mortar stores as your humble host for this article stumbled upon a few copies in Saturn (German electronics retailer.)

We’ve pinged an email to Warner Bros. to ask why the colonials and the Brits are being shunned on this one. Seems weird, doesn’t it?

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