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Batman: Arkham VR Update 1.02 is Live On PS4, Brings Improved Tracking to PSVR

There’s a new update for Rocksteady’s final(?) Batman game in the Arkham universe, Batman: Arkham VR. The new update is version 1.02 and it’ll run you around 109mb of hard drive space/bandwidth – not too big, then.

So what does update version 1.02 bring to the table? We’re sure you can already guess, but we’ll go ahead and spell it out word-for-word: it’s not a PS4 Pro update, or at least the patch notes don’t say so.

The patch notes included with the download simply state that version 1.02 brings “VR tracking improvements” and not much else. Of course, we were all expecting there to be a PS4 Pro patch, though it doesn’t seem to be the case. We’ll be donning the cape and cowl shortly to see how improved the VR tracking is.

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