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Batman: Return To Arkham Gets Release Date, Trailer

Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment are telling players to get ready to don the infamous cowl once again today; as they have revealed the release date for the upcoming remasters of the games that are, arguably, responsible for bringing Batman back to gaming; Rocksteady’s 2009 original – Batman: Arkham Asylum and their award winning 2011 follow up Batman: Arkham City. If you like your Dark Knight a bit more Christian Bale than Adam West, read on for the full details.

Rejoice, caped crusaders! Rocksteady’s excellent interpretations of the Batman story are coming to a console near you on October 21st. The game bundle includes remastered versions of 2009’s Arkham Asylum and the 2011 follow-up Arkham City, as well as all the DLC and ‘Game of the year’ content for both games. The games have been remastered in Unreal engine 4 by Virtuos and you can check out the improved graphics and character models in the trailer above.

'Sorry to break it to you Bats, but I think he likes it.'
‘Sorry to break it to you Bats, but I think he likes it.’

For those who missed them, both games are award winners in their own right. 2009’s Arkham Asylum is regarded by many as the first time that playing as Batman really felt like playing as the great detective himself. Allowing you to sneak around the titular asylum and take out foes from the shadows as well as engaging in all out brawls using the now much copied melee system that really made a show out of Brucie’s Kung-Fu moves. Featuring delightful cameos and Easter eggs from fan favourite villains and some more meaningful appearances from the likes of Bane and Poison Ivy. Apart from a slight miss-step with the final, unnecessary, boss fight; the game really was a delight to play.

2011’s sequel, Arkham City, doubled-down on everything that made the first game great. Giving you a larger area to explore openly and ramping up the combat, bosses and hidden collectibles, it brought together another fantastic who’s-who of Batman villains. A deep plot and plenty of interesting mystery for the world’s greatest detective to unravel kept this game ticking over to the end of it’s lengthy campaign.

So you can understand why a remastered version of these two games is highly anticipated, here’s hoping that the utmost care and attention is payed to really add value to a new audience, as well as those who just fancy taking those enjoyable trips again.

Batman: Return To Arkham will be available on PS4 and Xbox One from the 21st of October 2016. The game is set to retail at £39.99 but pre-orders are currently going cheaper, check here to find the game for £32.00 on Amazon (at the time of writing).

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