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Batman: The Telltale Series’ Season Final Arrives December 13th, Episode 1 Now Free

Telltale Games has announced today via press release that the fifth and final episode in its Batman series will release on December 13th. For those who have been following Bruce Wayne’s story so far the end is in sight, but for those who’ve not yet donned the cape and cowl, your journey begins today.

Telltale also announced that the first episode in the series will be free to download from today on PS4, PS3, and other platforms. It’s something of a given now that when Telltale releases a new series, the first episode will be released as a freebie later on down the line in an attempt to draw in more players. Think of it as a little demo of sorts.

Pure PlayStation’s Jason Frye has been following the series since the start, so if you’re looking for reviews on Episode 1, 2, 3, and 4, you can find them by hitting the relevant numbers.

Have you been invested in Batman’s/Bruce’s tale of intrigue, or will you be getting your first taste with the free episode? Stalk the comments section down below.

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