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Battle Planet – Judgement Day Developers Reveal Their Tricks and Secrets in New Dev Diary

Battle Planet – Judgement Day, as I’ve learned today, is an upcoming roguelite, top-down shooter where you and your mates play as wanted criminals shooting their way through space. Simple premise. Can’t argue with that.

Today the developers behind the game, Threaks, have released a new behind-the-scenes developer video where Art Director Max Schulz and Programmer Henning Steinbock sit and play the game while talking about the tech behind it. If you’re a wannabe game creator looking for some insight into using Unity, this is a very interesting video. I’m not a game maker, yet I still sat through the ten minutes of tech talk, simply because it was interesting. Kind of like seeing how movies are made, you know?

Battle Planet – Judgement Day takes players on a chaotic chase through space across procedurally generated planets. You’ll blast endless hordes of robots, aliens and other foes as you try to evade capture. Being that the planets are procedurally generated, each playthrough will be different to the last with players not knowing what to expect on any given playthrough. Worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day will release on October 17th for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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