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Battleborn Free Trial Coming June 13th to PS4, Sounds Very Free-to-Play

2K Games and Gearbox have announced Battleborn Free Trial, a way for would-be players to jump into Battleborn’s multiplayer suite without paying a penny. However, it’s not quite so simple.

While the game’s full campaign is still not available in Battleborn Free Trial, players can play the game’s multiplayer for an unlimited amount of time. There’s no limit on levelling up either, though you won’t have full-access to every base character. Instead, the game will rotate the characters each week. Progress made with any character is saved and stored, so when your character comes back into the rotation, you can play as if they never left.

Basically, the game’s multiplayer mode is going free-to-play. Players who already owned Battleborn and played it before the release of Battleborn Free Trial will get ‘Founder’ status which will grant them some special in-game items and credits.

Well, we saw it coming. Battleborn bombed hard upon release, though not because it’s a poor game, but because it released right next to the most popular hero-shooter to date, Overwatch.

Will you be giving Battleborn a shot with the free trial? Battle it out down in the comments below.

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