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Battleborn Gets a Fresh Bootcamp Trailer to Put You Through Basic Traning

The creators of the wacky Borderlands series is at it again, though this time things look a little less bleak and depressing. Gearbox has switched out the postapocalyptic Mad Max-esque setting for a bright and colourful one, and it looks pretty bloody nice.

The game isn’t out for another month yet so there’s plenty of time to get to know Battleborn before it releases. In fact, the developers behind the team-based shooter have put together a nice little trailer for us all. How thoughtful. It’s actually less of a trailer and more of a mini-tutorial as it’s just over 11 minutes long and describes itself as the ‘Bootcamp’ trailer. It’s a handy little read and it’s got a few decent gags in there, too, so we recommend getting familiar with it if you’re still not too sure what the game is.

Battleborn will release on PS4 and other platforms this May 3rd. The trailer is down below, soldier.

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