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Battleborn Has Its Servers Taken Down Forever, So the Fun and Games Are Over

I can’t say I know much about Battleborn. But it looks like I now won’t have to. That’s because its servers are shutting down for good. It won’t come as a surprise to many, considering it didn’t really make the impact Take-Two had hoped. But it’s still sad to see a game being put into a very long slumber (a bit like the cryo chambers in The Outer Worlds).

It was meant to be a competitor to Overwatch – another game that has probably succumbed to Fortnite, though not to the same extent. However, despite releasing to quite positive applause, the enthusiasm for Battleborn quickly died down. The development team tried everything, throwing various updates at it. But their attempts were in vain and finally saw the game being taken down from the online stores two years ago.

In the months after this removal, its popularity has continued to decline – unsurprisingly – and finally culminates in this shutting down of servers. So, there really is no going back for Battleborn now, especially as today is the day the plug was pulled for good (February 1st 2021).

For me, this is a stark reminder that you can’t simply replicate a popular genre and automatically do well. Consumers are still critical of games that are influenced by others despite being engrossed in the style – possibly moreso, owing to the similarities. So, if there’s a weakness, no matter how small, they’ll find it. And that is enough to drive them back to your competitors; you just don’t have the time to convince them otherwise.

Source: 2K

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