Battleborn Winter Update Now Available; Advertised as Massive

Battleborn may have released at the wrong time last year, but that doesn’t mean the developers have given up on it. Today, Gearbox released the Winter Update for their team-based shooter and it is indeed massive. There’s new training modes, a user interface overhaul, rank increases, PS4 Pro support, and more. Luckily, there’s been no Reddit shenanigans this time. First up is the PS4 Pro enhancements. Every map, mission, and game mode has been optimized to focus on 4K capabilities. As such, Battleborn can run up to 4K at 30 frames per second. Don’t worry though if your TV can’t handle that. The game can still run 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second.


If you’re a season pass holder or digital deluxe edition owner, you can get early access to Beatrix, the thirtieth character, right now. Her bio reads, “precise, deadly, and obsessively hygienic, Beatrix wields a massive syringe arm to spread debilitating debuffs and disease. A master at manipulating life, her prowess for science combined with her Jennerit ruthlessness makes her one extremely qualified, and extremely dangerous physician. ” All Battleborn players will be able to wield her come January 26th. The DLC Story Operation 3 is also available and features Oscar Mike as he takes you on a mission called “Oscar Mike vs The Battle School.” There will be death and there will be rigorous combat.

For newer players and veterans, all twenty five base characters will automatically unlock after the story’s prologue is completed. Then you can take them to the two new training modes titled Incursion Tutorial and Dojo. The former takes you through the key elements of competitive PvP play and the latter focuses on mastering each character. One of the more unique additions is Draft Mode. Essentially, at the start of public and private matches players will be able to choose what characters they want rendered unusable. Then after the round is over the other team will be able to pick who they want out of the fray. It’s an interesting idea to be sure but let’s hope it doesn’t whittle down to insults and complaints.

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Specific challenges and quests are also brought along with the update. You can now take on new objectives through main and daily quests for a variety of awards. You can unlock a new quest every day and reap the rewards depending on difficulty. The user interface has been overhauled to present a more clean and vibrant look. All the way from the start screen to the menu system. Plus, the Command Rank cap has been bumped up to 150 and each character rank has been pushed to 20. It’s been said that won’t be an easy climb but the rewards are worth it.

And that is all the new content new and old players alike can look forward too. Battleborn is developed by Gearbox Software and released in May of last year. The title got mostly positive reviews but didn’t do well commercially. It released at a time when Paragon launched and the juggernaut that is Overwatch hit store shelves. Are you excited for the new update? Are you still playing Battleborn? Let us know!

  1. Battleborn couldn’t have come out at a worse time. I would have loved to see how it would have done if Overwatch didn’t hit shelves this year. It was on sale through the holidays and i didn’t pick it up. I figured the community was mostly dead. This is the first bit of news i’ve seen on it in months. Maybe they’ll go free to play?

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