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Battlefield 1: Behemoth Gameplay and Breakdown

Battlefield 1’s setting has sent the internet ablaze ever since it’s trailer dropped back in May. After all the World War 1 background is sure to create some interesting multiplayer experiences. One such interesting thing is the behemoth. You know the giant blimp that takes away precious sunlight from whatever part of the map is beneath it?  Not much was known about it’s purpose or function until a lucky few participated in the recent Battlefield 1 pre-alpha. Well as it turns out the behemoth will play quite a role in conquest modes. Thanks to Youtuber ponylion we now have an in-depth look at what it offers.

About halfway through a match the airship will spawn in for the team that is losing at the time. It has six seats including the pilot space which actually allows you to control its movements. At the moment though it appears that you can’t go up or down. The rest of the seats are for machine gunners to try and clip planes out of the sky that dare approach the massive spectacle. Check out the video below for the rest of the information and some breathtaking gameplay. Did you see that cockpit?!

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st this year and can be pre-ordered here. What are your thoughts on the latest Battlefield title? Are you excited?! PurePlayStation sure is.

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