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Battlefield 1 Holiday Event Detailed

Many video games are getting into the festive season and one of the best shooters this year, Battlefield 1, is no exception. A holiday event for EA’s title went live today and the publisher detailed all the coming changes for the next week on their site. Changes include a custom game mode, new dog tags, skins and Battlepacks to earn.


First up is a new game mode called “Blind Delivery” that went live today. It’s essentially a match of War Pigeons but the mini-map is turned off and only pistols and explosives may be used. Then starting tomorrow the “Holiday Truce” dog tag will be awarded to all players who simply login to the game. Also, vehicle skins will be added to¬†Battlepacks such as the “SchnucK” and “Desert Gold” heavy tank variations. Lastly, normal gamers will receive a free Battlepack when they login from December 23rd to December 29th. Then if you have the Premium Pass, you’ll receive two Superior Battlepacks if you play the game in that time period.

Battlefied 1 is developed by EA DICE and was released back in October to great reviews. Taking place during World War I, the shooter handled the depressing time period with class and offered a ton of fun in its multiplayer. Will you give Battlefield 1 a portion of your time during your holiday season? Let us know in the comments below and what other holiday video game events you’ll participate in!


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