Battlefield 1 Infographic Contains Numbers Over 100 Million

There’s no doubt that Battlefield 1 was an excellent shooter, both here at Pure PlayStation and abroad. What we didn’t know was that its launch was the best in developer DICE’s history. As such some of the statistics for the title since release back on October 21st are staggering. There’s a total of over 59 million hours of gameplay enjoyed and nine of those millions were spent in the new game mode Operations. The most popular map of which was Conquer Hell. 32 million battlepacks were earned, 1.6 million behemoths were deployed, and 842,426 pigeons were delivered in War Pigeons mode.

You can check out the full infographic below for even more mind-blowing stats. In addition, check us out at playing the new War Pigeons mode. Let us know what awesome moments you’ve enjoyed in the latest Battlefield in the comments below!

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