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Battlefield 1 vs Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Battlefield and Call Of Duty franchises both uploaded their reveal trailers last week for the latest titles in their respective series and put simply it looks like Battlefield 1 is going to absolutely dominate in sales. Fans of the COD series have been consistently forewarning developers that they need to stop going more into the future, COD used to be loved for it’s realistic war zones and the sales numbers show it. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sold the most in the franchise at 26,500,000 units which is a very impressive number, on the other end of the spectrum is Black Ops 3 with an initial sales estimate by Activision of 4,500,000.

The Battlefield 1 trailer on YouTube has become the most liked trailer of all time with 1,161,050 likes at the time of publishing, some serious hype will be generated for Battlefield’s world war 1 set shooter. Now for Infinity Ward and the game they have insisted on making despite fans telling them they shouldn’t, it has also become a record breaker on YouTube!… as the most disliked trailer of all time with 1,481,442 dislikes at the time of publishing. Despite having 7 million less views than the Battlefield 1 trailer it still racked up more dislikes and only 285,345 likes, this could be a very embarrassing release for Infinity Ward that could have been completely avoided by listening to what the fans wanted. Admittedly the Modern Warfare remaster is very appealing and would do well in it’s own sales but can currently only be bought in conjunction with Infinite Warfare which is most likely going to drag the older title down with it. On the bright side of things this will likely be the last futuristic Call Of Duty that developers try to create if the YouTube like to dislike ratio is anything to go by. If you somehow haven’t seen either trailer yet or want to re-watch one you can check them out below.

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