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Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC Fully Detailed

The Lord of the Rings and Gandalf reference aside, Battlefield 1’s first expansion still isn’t expected until March but EA has filled us in on the juicy details. We’re getting a handful of new maps, as usual, alongside the new French faction, game modes, vehicles, weapons and classes.

The first map is the ever trying Verdun Heights. Massive forest fires will surround you while battling uphill to the fortresses of Verdun. We’re told the artillery will never stop in your grinding struggle. The next map, Fort Vaux, will certainly make close quarter shooters happy. The action takes place entirely within the fort in a maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors. Soissons will see vehicles and soldiers clash in the beautiful French countryside early on a hot summer day. Then the Rupture map takes place on key bridges across the Aisne river. Beautiful flowers will give way to violence and bloodshed.

The new game mode will be called Frontlines and is basically a giant control match. Players fight for chained control points one at a time and when the objective is captured, gameplay moves onto the next. It’s a giant tug-of-war match if anything. Tank nuts will also be happy to here that the Char 2C tank and the St. Chamond will be drivable in They Shall Not Pass. Both are super heavy behemoths that can easily dominate the battlefield.

Finally, a new class and stationary weapon will make an appearance. The Trench Raider Elite Class will have incredible melee skills thanks to a brutal club and impressive grenade options. Then the Siege Howitzer will be selectable for infantry players. It’s a stationary weapon that is indirectly aimed/fired like mortars or artillery. You can check out the screenshots of the features below and let us know what has you the most pumped about Battlefield 1’s first expansion!

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