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Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Coming March 2019, Update Roadmap Released

EA and DICE have revealed the content update plans for Battlefield V in the form of a fancy roadmap over on the official Battlefield website.

The big news is that Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale mode, though it won’t launch until March 2019 – quite a while after the release of the base game. The Battle Royale mode, dubbed Trial By Fire, is DICE’s taken on the genre made popular by the likes of PUBG and Fortnite.

While the Battle Royale mode may be some ways away, a little closer to hand are the game’s first and second chapters – the content updates are being referred to as ‘chapters’ by DICE.

The first chapter, Chapter 1: Overture, will start two weeks after the launch of Battlefield V and it’ll bring a new tank-focused arena to multiplayer as well as a new entry in the single-player War Stories mode. The new single-player mission will focus on one tank crew as they question the events that have led them to this point. There’s also the Firing Range where you’ll be able to practice your shooting skills as well as practice using the game’s multiplayer vehicles.

Chapter 1: Overture will run from December through to January, and then it’ll be updated with Chapter 2: Lightening Strikes, which covers January through to March. The second chapter brings yet more vehicular warfare, but there’s also a brand new addition for fans of co-op. The Chapter 2 update will add a new game mode in the shape of Combined Forces. In this new game mode you’ll be able to buddy up with up to three others players to fight against A.I enemies in a series of missions and challenges across a few maps. Sounds good for those who don’t really want to play online in a competitive capacity.

Yes, I mean me because I’m awful.

Battlefield V is set to release on November 20th of this year. You can pre-order your copy via Amazon or the PlayStation Store.

You can read more about the content update plans through here over on the official Battlefield website.

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