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Battlefield V Gets a New Chapter Ahead of Free Weekend

In a move to get your mind back on to Battlefield V, EA has today announced a free weekend of gaming. But just in case that wasn’t news in itself, they’ve also dropped the next chapter of action. Amazingly, that too will be encompassed in the free trial – along with every other piece of content!

I might need a lie down after that.

It’s not often you see a full game and DLC being made available for nothing, over three days and with multiplayer support. In fact, it’s more usual to see a trial of a chapter prior to launch as a tactic to sell more copies. But that is actually what’s going on here. Probably.

You see, another first person shooter launched last week – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in case you missed it. Also known as Battlefield’s greatest rival on the shelves. And also one of the best sellers at this moment in time. So how best to take advantage of that momentum and reclaim the audience than by offering your game for free.

If all goes well, gamers will want to continue their deployment by purchasing the game in full once Monday comes. And suddenly Battlefield V is back on peoples’ screens, taking the fight to Call of Duty once again.

If you want to answer the call to arms, Battlefield V will be available for free between November 1st to November 3rd. Any progress you make will transfer straight to the full game, should you end up buying it. But even if you don’t, there are still three days of action up for grabs. You should be able to finish it in that time, too.

Meanwhile, Chapter 5 will bring the Pacific theatre of war to the game. Along with the relevant sides, maps and equipment.

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