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Battlefield V is Coming to PS4 on October 19th; No Season Pass, No Lootboxes, No Pay-to-Win Nonsense

The big reveal has been and gone for DICE’s Battlefield V with DICE and EA showing off the game in a trailer, as well as giving a few details that pertain to the modern gamer. Yes, I’m talking about lootboxes, DLC, and other pay-to-win nonsense that has plagued EA’s best games as of late.

First of all let’s get the big stuff out of the way first; the reveal trailer for Battlefield V (spoken as ‘5’) is up above. It’s a decent 2-and-half minutes long and gives us some actual gameplay footage to gawp over.

The next big news is that it’s releasing on October 19th. However, you can get your hands on the game three days earlier by pre-ordering the game’s Deluxe Edition. If you just pre-order the regular edition, you’ll get early access to the game’s beta build later this year.

Now on to the nitty-gritty details. DICE has confirmed that there will be no Season Pass, so there will be no post-launch paid DLC maps. This means all content for the game that comes post-launch will be free. That’s not to say there won’t be microtransactions, though, as there most certainly will. However, you’ll not be paying small change for pay-to-win loot boxes. DICE hasn’t come out and stated exactly what will be paid for in the game, though I imagine it’s most likely going to be customisation for in-game characters. So beanie hats and biker gloves, probably.

It’s a good move by DICE and EA as previous games always ended up splitting the player base apart with paid DLC. A game like Battlefield lives and dies by its online community, so if DICE and EA want to keep the Battlefield V bus going for longer, they need to keep players together.

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