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Battlefield V Looking to Cash-In on Battle Royale Craze

Battle Royale is the word of the moment right now and it’s not going away anytime soon, unfortunately. What? Some of us are sick to death of hearing about and writing about the bloody genre. But we still keep on playing. We’ve got problems.

According to Venture Beat, Battlefield V will be hoping to cash-in on the fad when it releases later this year. Citing sources close to Battlefield V developer DICE, Venture Beat claims that the studio has a PUBG-inspired Battle Royale prototype up and running internally. However, the mini-project has not been given the greenlight to be added to Battlefield V, according to the unnamed source. If the Battle Royale mode is given the go ahead, the anonymous source claims that it will not be ready for Battlefield V’s release this year, but could be added post-release.

So there you have it. We’re probably going to be hearing more and more about Battle Royale modes in just about every game going over the next few months. Oh what fun.

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Venture Beat

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