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Battlefield V Update ‘Overture’ Delayed, But Not For Long

Things have been a little tough for Battlefield V since its launch last month. And it seems it’s not getting better any time soon as the game’s first major update has been delayed, according to an official post by DICE themselves.

Overture, as it was christened, was due to launch today. However, owing to unexpected issues with the software, the first anticipated drop of post-launch content has been pulled. At least, until the problem has been dealt with.

Luckily, it seems as though the issue is not too much of a problem as the team expect to have better news soon. Even going as far as to suggest this could be rectified in hours rather than days. They go on to explain that their actions have not been taken lightly, and this decision has been made in order to preserve the stability and integrity of the whole package.

Overture will add an extra single player story and multiplayer map to Battlefield V. Usefully, a practice range is also being bundled into the update, which will prove handy for those of us who have difficulties in getting our cross hairs on point.

Has Battlefield V kept your trigger finger happy? Or is the latest instalment in the franchise nothing more than a misfire? Take aim and comment in the target box below.

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