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Battlezone Gold Announced for PS4, Will Be a Free Update for Existing PSVR Owners

Rebellion has announced Battlezone Gold for PS4, yet you need not pay again if you already own the game for PSVR. The developer/independent publisher announced that it will be bringing Battlezone Gold to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in the near future, eliminating the need to own one of Sony’s pricey PSVR headsets.

Battlezone Gold is basically the same game as Battlezone for PSVR, except it’s fully playable without a VR headset. What this means for current PSVR players is that there should be a sizeable bump in player numbers once the game releases, but it also means that PSVR owners who already own Battlezone will get the non-VR edition for nothing as it’ll come as a free update.

For those who will be diving into Battlezone Gold without having previously purchased the PSVR edition, it’ll mean stumping up a few quid to get to play the sci-fi tank shooter when it releases on May 1st.

The new edition of the game will feature everything the PSVR edition has, plus all of the post-release content will be bundled in at no extra cost. Not a bad deal, right?

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