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Battlezone VR Gets PS4 Pro Patch 1.02 to Improve Graphics, Lighting, and Resolutions

We’ve been a little sceptical here at Pure PlayStation as to whether the PS4 Pro can really make all that much of a difference to PSVR games. Turns out that with PS4 Pro support, some games can actually be improved upon.

Battlezone VR, a launch title for the PSVR, has just had its PS4 Pro patch deployed to the PlayStation Network. The patch notes are extensive in detailing the improvements that will come from playing the game with a PS4 Pro console, rather than the regular PS4.

Battlezone VR Update Version 1.02

Added Support For PS4 Pro:

  • Full complexity dynamic lighting in the cockpit
  • Increased super sampling resolution
  • Increased resolution of screen space reflections
  • Fixed a rare frame-rate hitch during the intro section
  • Fixed a rare physics issue where the player could be kicked out of the world
  • Improved clarity of particle effects across the game
  • Defend and convoy missions are now more balanced
  • Tweak balance of enemy ranks to improve balance in the early stages of the campaign
  • Easy should now be easier
  • Enemy Light Laser Tanks now fire six shots, rather than nine
  • Cannon Towers have a clip size, so do not fire constantly

In addition to getting a bit of a boost by the PS4 Pro, Battlezone VR players can look forward to some free DLC that’ll be releasing in the near future. Makes that expensive entry point a little less sour we suppose…

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