Be the Alien Invader in X-MORPH: Defense

X-MORPH: Defense combines a twin-stick shooter with tower defense, and it sets you loose to conquer the world in a very destructible environment. Normally, these games would make you a hero, defending your planet from whatever species has decided to turn your neighborhood into its personal porta potty.

This time, you are alien, and you are here to terraform Earth, crushing the weak human opposition that stands between you and meeting your quota of harvested resources. You can do that by building giant towers to route your enemies or even tear down existing structures.

You can also just shoot them yourself in your X-MORPH fighter. Throughout the campaign, it can  transform into different configurations with different weapons. You will need those weapons in the boss fights in the game, including fighting mecha in a reverse Pacific Rim.

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Like that movie, cities are going to have some destruction, and this game will allow you to dynamically change how something is destroyed based on your weapon and where you hit it. Since you can play everything in split-screen co-op, you can combine forces to decimate a city back into the stone age.

Check out the trailer for X-MORPH: Defense to see it in action, and you can start your domination of Earth on August 30th.

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