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Be the Answer to Someone’s Prayer in WILL: A Wonderful World

In WILL: A Wonderful World, you are a god. As my Uncle Ben used to say, with great power comes great responsibility (and crappy minute rice). You will have to listen to people’s prayers and try to help them with their problems. Some of the problems are easier than others. A cat wants some fish. Not too bad. A nerdy person has a crush and wants your help with setting up that love connection. A little harder, but OK. A suicidal artist needs some hope. Can I go back to the cat?

As you solve puzzles and make decisions, you will open more of the story. You could also alter the lives of other characters in the story in ways you cannot predict. Maybe helping someone by directly answering their prayer will make them more unhappy. As people, we both know how crazy and unpredictable we can be. Managing and helping us to navigate that will be your job in the game.

The crazy part is that you wake up in this new job without knowing how you came to be a god or why you have to answer prayers. A talking dog tells you that it’s something you do. Then again, I would probably at least consider listening if a dog decided to talk to me. Maybe he has the typical trustworthy dog face?

The game is available for pre-order at Amazon, Gamestop, and Bestbuy, but the release dates bounce between Mar 26th and April 30th. The press release I received says May, so we are likely to see the others corrected in the next couple months.

No matter when it actually releases, check out the trailer and the screenshots. The concept is cool, a little weird, and it may be just the sleeper game you need in a year that will be packed with AAA titles.

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