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Be the Smart Gumshoe The Sinking City Needs

It’s easy to focus on slowly losing your sanity while fighting strange monsters and witnessing supernatural events, but you have a job to do in The Sinking City. As the war hero, Charles Reed, you are a detective in Oakmont, Massachusetts in the 1920s. People need your help, and you have to untwist mysteries and resolve whodunits for the residents. The city might not be the only thing sinking slowly into destruction, and the war may not be the scariest thing you have ever faced.

As the new guy in town, don’t expect any help. Some people don’t like the cut of your jib, and you will have to get by on your wits. In a growing trend that seems to put it’s trust in the player, The Sinking City will not have any objectives on the map. All of the evidence you find will be stored in your case book, so you can examine it and start to use your Mind Palace to reach a potentially correct conclusion. The trailer mentions that there is more gray than black and white, so think through each case.

Charles does have one less traditional skill up his sleeve. Through retrocognition, he can walk through a scene of events to see what really occurred. The trailer mentions you have to work hard for this, so it’s not going to be an easy solution to every case.

The Sinking City will put its lovecraftian spin on detective work soon.

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