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Be Your Own Kratos in God of War

We are now under two weeks until we have the latest God of War in our hands. We could not be more excited, and the latest video shows us the flexibility built into the newest version of one of our favorite series.

The developers are trying to let you play Kratos your way. He will still be his upbeat and bubbly self, but you will make decisions in his stats and moves. There will be the more obvious skill trees for his ax and physical combat. The video references a “strength build”, and how you may want to switch your gear or tactics in different situations.

This is an interesting idea to us, because Kratos is a monolithic character in Sony’s stable. We like the ability to have the same lovingly crafted experience that we can improve in our own way. It also makes gear and skill tree choices even more personal.

If you are still on the fence about whether to pick this up, check out the trailer. It may not change your mind, but the gameplay looks great.

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