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Beat Cop: Console Edition Patrols PS4 Next Month

Are you ready to lay down the law, one parking ticket at a time? If so, Beat Cop can help you live out your fantasy police career when it releases next month on PS4.

11 bit studios has announced that it will be releasing Beat Cop on PS4 and other platforms on March 5th. There’s a super cool trailer up above and I definitely recommend giving it a watch. Also, make sure you have your volume turned up because the accompanying rap is some next-level marketing genius. Alright, maybe it’s not that good, but it’s pretty good.

For those who are blissfully unaware, Beat Cop is a pixel art game inspired by the cop shows of the 80s. You play as a disgraced Jack Kelly who has been framed for murder. Though instead of throwing you in the slammer and posting the key to Wales, your bosses have decided to demote you. Instead of being a moody detective, you’re now a donut munching street patrol cop.

The game will task you with solving problems, helping the locals, and even dealing with the dangerous gangsters that call the streets of Brooklyn home – and work, I guess. How you play is up to you. You can wear that badge with honor or you can dirty it up with a few bribes on the side. You’ve also got the task of solving the murder that you’ve been framed for. All in a day’s work…


  • Retro pixel art experience with a non-linear story and multiple endings
  • The pure essence of ’80s cop shows
  • Mature *ahem* humor
  • Laying down the law, one ticket at a time

Beat Cop originally released on PC back in 2017. The game was well received by critics and players, so hopefully the transfer from PC to PS4 is smooth. The console edition of the game has been developed by Crunching Koalas, a studio that has worked on a few decent ports in the past.

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