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Bend Studio Has DLC Plans For Days Gone

Days Gone has had a busy few days. First, we heard that the apocalyptic adventure game had gone gold, with the disc printing machines set to overdrive in order to meet retail demands. And now we hear about future plans for DLC, though the studio is staying tight lipped on the who and the what.

The news came via GamerBraves who got word from Bend Studio’s Community Manager that there is further content in the works – plans of which haven’t been shared with the community – but nothing more can be said at this time. Instead, we must sit alone with our thoughts, and the undead, conjuring up ideas of what said unsubstantiated content could be…

It’s the first time that we’ve been given any inclination on what the future has in store for the title, which is not surprising considering it’s yet to release. But this popular add-on price plan is usually sold hard in the months before launch in order to sell season passes and make a few extra bucks per player. Perhaps the lack of details, specifically costs, is a hint at a free supper? We very much doubt it, but hungry bears like us can dream. 

Additional content is allowing many games this generation to stay relevant in the fast-paced video gaming market. Rather than having to bow out after a single investment of 30-ish hours, developers can now extend the interest of players through the use of “seasons” or regain their loyalty with the release of extra, standalone chapters. In the end, it always pays off as sites like ours can’t stop talking about them. Win, win.

Days Gone will fight for survival in this competitive genre from April 26th.

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Source: Push Square

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