Best Buy Terminating Gamers Club Unlocked Discount Program (NA)

The national retailer Best Buy will be discontinuing its Gamers Club Unlocked membership program. The program had an up-front fee of $30 for a two year membership and provided a 20% discount on all games. This included new releases, and it came with a few other bonuses as well.

It looks as if the program cancellation is immediate. The thread on has multiple posts from users stating they tried to renew it in store, only to be told it is not in the system. I personally tried to renew my membership online and received an error message. Sure, I’ve had error messages on the site in the past, but it is a little too convenient for it not to be related.

I looked, but I have not seen an official response from Best Buy. It may be out there already. I hope the company addresses this directly and without delay. GCU is Best Buy’s program. It can be cancelled at any time, but it’s really the lack of communication or warning that has people steamed.

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The future is uncertain. Best Buy may replace this with a different program or a simple restructuring of the existing program.¬†The question many people have now is what happens to an existing membership. Will it be allowed to stay active until the expiration date, or will it be terminated?¬†Without an official statement, it’s hard to say.

With the #saveGCU Twitter responses ranging from reasonable to a volcano of rage, we can only hope Best Buy clarifies its position as soon as possible. With the leaked info in the hands of the public, waiting to respond is a losing proposition.

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