Bethesda Allowed Gamer’s Personal Info to be Visible to Other Users

The saga continues. After Bethesda sneakily switched a canvas bag for a nylon one in the $200 Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76, they announced that customers could request a replacement canvas bag by reaching out to them. It seemed that things would settle down for the company, and we could move on from this slow-mo car crash that would make Burnout jealous.

Unfortunately (and this is an unfortunate circumstance for everyone including Bethesda), the ticket system they were using allowed at least one confirmed and maybe more users to see the personal information of anyone who submitted a request for a new bag. Reddit user Jessiepie made the community aware of the issue and posted a now removed picture as proof of the error. The information included receipts, email addresses, and home addresses, and the credit card used.

Jessiepie reached out to Bethesda on Twitter to notify them of the problem and included the image. You can hunt around for the image, but I’m not going to post it. If there is anything there that was mine, I wouldn’t want someone posting it either.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is all a bunch of unsubstantiated hoopla, but a Bethesda Community Manager, LadyDevann, left a very short response by saying, “Hi guys, we’ve resolved this issue” in the forum thread. At least one other user confirmed they could see the info of others on the tickets.

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Bethesda will have to respond to this latest error, and it’s not just the gaming community who might become involved. Many users on Reddit and the Bethesda forum are asking how the new regulations in GDPR will come into play. I’m no expert on GDPR or the legalities involved, but it can’t be sunshine and rainbows for allowing customer info to be shared with other customers.

This is just one more problem for Bethesda and Fallout 76 in a long line of problems. I feel bad for the customers, but I also feel bad for the rank and file Bethesda employee who just wants to go to work everyday and make something amazing. If the company and management continues to make bad decisions and have issue after issue, those employees may be the ones to pay the price.

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