Bethesda Announces Indiana Jones Game in Development

Bethesda Announces Indiana Jones Game in Development

On Twitter today, Bethesda announced an Indiana Jones game is in development. In partnership with Lucasfilm Games, Indy’s gaming adventure will be under the care of Machine Games, who revived the Wolfenstein franchise with Wolfenstein: The New Order. There is a very short teaser video with the familiar theme and whip, but few clues are revealed.

The tweet from Bethesda also warns that “It’ll be some time before we have more to reveal…”, so who knows when this one is really coming. I’m hoping it’s not being announced years from release, because the publisher has announced games six months before release in the past. It’s a trend that I hope catches on.

With another Indiana Jones movie coming (and after Crystal Skull, why wouldn’t you be excited?), this could be more marketing tie in than game. Either way, we won’t see more for a while.

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