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Bethesda Drops Five Monster Tales from the West Virginia Hills

At times, West Virginia is a wild and strange place. With the Fallout 76 Beta running, Bethesda is looking to further promote the lore by dropping five videos, each detailing a strange monster encounter. The audio-only presentation sounds like an old radio show. There are certainly some talented people working for the studio, and they have done their homework for authenticity.

Each one is around 6 minutes long, so it’s easy enough to play in the background. I will add one at the top, and the rest below. Whether you are excited to take a romp in the world of Fallout with friends, or you just enjoy a good short story, be sure to give one a try.

The Fallout 76 beta is currently live for anyone who pre-ordered the game. The full release will be available on November 14th. As the first Fallout game on consoles to allow multiplayer, it is a departure for Bethesda and the series. With that change, we may have to wait until later in November to see how the game will truly play with so many random actions from individual players.

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