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Bethesda Release Fallout 76 John Denver Cover as Charity Single

When Bethesda dropped its Fallout 76 trailer a couple of months ago, there was love shown for more than the gameplay. For playing in the background was a cover of the John Denver classic, Take Me Home, Country Roads, which gained a fan base of its own. So much so that the studio has now decided to release the track as a download with all proceeds going to charity.

The song is available to purchase now over on ITunes at the reasonable price of $1. All monies raised have been pledged to benefit Habitat For Humanity, with Bethesda taking 0% of the takings. That means 100% will be going straight to the charity as they continue to support disadvantaged communities around the world do more than construct houses, but instead build homes.

Since their inception, Habitat For Humanity has had a positive impact in over 70 countries and to over 13 million lives. Hopefully enough funds can be raised to add a few digits to both of those totals and there are no clauses to the donation requiring them to build to Vault Tec specifications…

There is no news as of yet whether the Pip-Boy will be updated to play MP3, or even if the track will be released on Holotape. If you had to pick just one song to take with you to your ‘life after a fallout’ what would it be? Conversely, what track would you ban? Barbie girl has to be up there, but we’ll let you decide if it fits into the former or the latter category. 


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