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Bethesda: Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 Wont be Out for a Long Time, “Everyone Should Be Very Patient”

Don’t get too excited about seeing, nevermind playing Bethesda’s recently announced duo of games anytime soon, and that’s coming from Bethesda itself.

Speaking in a recent interview with The Guardian, Bethesda’s Todd Howard laid the cards on the table and broke everyone’s hearts a little bit.

“Everyone should be very patient. It’s gonna take a while for what we have in mind to come out,” is what the famed developer said when talking about Starfield and The Elder Scroll’s 6, both of which were officially announced at this year’s E3.

So… Business as usual, then? It’s a shame that we’re going to have to wait so long to even see the game’s in action, and it kind of makes me wish Bethesda hadn’t blown its full load on the E3 stage. But that’s just me…

One thing is clear, though, and that’s that both games will be on next-gen machines, so you’re already looking at paying a minimum of £400 to play the games. Time to start putting pennies in the piggy bank.

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