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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Provides Update on Fallout 4 VR

The Fallout series is one of great importance to the game industry. Whether the first two by Interplay, three and four by Bethesda, or New Vegas by Obsidian. Besides that simply exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland is a definite plus. So the ability to go into virtual reality with these types of games is more than a dream come true. Those dreams were slightly lifted at last year’s E3 when Bethesda’s executive producer, Todd Howard, mentioned they were working on VR for Fallout 4.

The good folks at Glixel happened to catch up with Mr. Howard and ask about an update. Turns out porting such a massive world to a virtual reality experience is no joke.

We’re lucky that the action isn’t super twitchy,” he says. “Locomotion is definitely the hard part, I will admit. Given the size of the world and the amount that you’re moving in Fallout 4 that part is tricky because you’re doing it a lot. Right now we’re doing the teleport warp thing and that’s fine, but we’re experimenting with a few others.”

Don’t worry about playing a sub-par Fallout game however, Todd also assures us that they are “doing the whole game.” Additionally, it’s hinted at that there will be more information “very soon.” You can check out the whole story here and the inclusion of V.A.T.S. to VR.

Fallout 4 is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in late 2015 to mostly positive reviews. We’ll keep you in the know when more info drops because shooting deathclaws in our PlayStation VRs sounds just wonderful.

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