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Beyond Blue Takes Us Under the Sea on June 8

The ocean exploration and education game Beyond Blue is swimming to release on June 8th. Taking ideas and footage from the show Blue Planet II, players will go on eight different dives into one of the world’s last frontiers. The dives will cover everything from the shallows to the deepest depths where you have to take (or make) your own lights.

During the dives, you won’t just be sightseeing. You will use technology to identify species and understand the overall ecosystem and how it can change. There is a pod of whales you can study as well. There is a mystery in the deep that is impacting them, and it will take your newfound skills, experience, and technology to resolve it.

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With voiceover from oceanographer Dr. Samantha Joye, this is looking like a great chance to get into the ocean to explore some educational opportunities and learn about the amazing animals that call it home. Check out the screenshots and trailer for a look at the gameplay, and prepare to dive into Beyond Blue on June 8th.

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