Big Pharma Brings Legal Drugs to PS4 on December 5th

Have you ever wondered how the pharmaceutical business runs? Do you find yourself wishing you could make money off of the sick and needy? Then welcome to Big Pharma, a new business management sim coming to PS4 early next month.

Klabata has announced that it will be bringing its popular Big Pharma to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on December 5th, 2019 for $29.99/€29.99. No word yet on UK pricing, but expect it be a few quid under the American and European pricing.

“After a very successful launch of our medieval tavern sim, Crossroads Inn, we now travel back to the future and focus on the development of a modern pharmaceutical conglomerate. We are sure that console players will enjoy this combination of deep business sim and logistical puzzles, with the simplicity of a console’s interface. We put a lot of effort to adapt PC controls and steering to consoles, and the game now plays perfectly with a gamepad.” – Lukasz Mach, Klabater CMO.

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You’ll be concocting new ointments for various diseases, all the while bringing in sweet, sweet profit pennies. Once you’ve got enough, you can expand your empire, fund new research, and keep on milking the sick until your pockets are lined and they’re in the ground. Sounds a bit grim, but that’s the nature of Big Pharma.

In Big Pharma you will find:

  • 35 business-busting challenges spread out across 7 unique scenarios.

  • Custom game mode.

  • Freebuild mode.

  • Tons of new ingredients and recipes to discover.

  • Hi-tech machines to help you refine the next generation of world-changing drugs.

  • Wide range of business models to fit your Pharmaceutical Conglomerate.

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