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Biomutant Gameplay Trailer is Nine Minutes of Awesome

If you are going to keep quiet about your game for a while, this is how you reintroduce it. A new gameplay trailer for Biomutant was released today, and it is impressive. It’s a little of everything from the game. Starting with the kung fu combat, you’ll fight some enemies your own size, but there are many “Puffs” that tower over your character. The sense of scale is impressive, and the weapons to take down these threats range from swords to guns with different stats.

The locations in this open-world are varied, and you’ll have different vehicles to move you. While fighting in water, you have a couple of boats. One of the ground vehicles looked like a mechanical “Thing” from The Addams Family that shot something out of its finger. For the air, you can deploy a glider to gently float to your destination. The game will also have a submarine, airship, and a mech for you to ride.

Story details are staying under wraps for now, but Biomutant takes place in a post-apocalyptic world afflicted by a plague. The Tree-of-Life is in trouble, and the world’s inhabitants are not interested in working together. As you can see from the trailer, it’s not a drab existence of browns. It’s bright, colorful, and dangerous with cities and characters for you to find. We also know the protagonist can be modified with mutations.

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For now, we don’t know when this one will release. The trailer says “when we are happy with it”, and I’m glad that’s the approach being taken. The info I have still says it’s headed for the PS4, but, since it won’t be before the cutoff next month, the lack of a release date means it will probably have to run on the PS5 too.

Check out the gameplay from Biomutant, and we’ll let you know when it’s going to release as soon as we know more.

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