BioWare and Sony Working on ANTHEM Power-down Fix

It’s fair to say that ANTHEM has had anything but a fairytale launch. The highly anticipated game has failed to meet expectations and suffered from numerous bugs. But one in particular is causing fans a headache, especially considering the risk it poses to their consoles.

According to online reports, the game is suffering from a rare error that is causing consoles to shut-down without warning. And as it is the same as pulling the plug before it’s ready, there is a risk to the console’s internals. We’re talking database rebuilds or even bricking, apparently.

In response, an employee of BioWare, Chad Robertson, took to Twitter to update players on the action they are taking. In his words, the studio are working closely with Sony in order to reach a solution but he had a few words of advice in the meantime. Following the crash, the console may fail to restart without removing the plug first. And in other cases, a restart via the power button is needed.

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However, he did stress that the issue is rare. And similarly, they’ll update the player base as soon as they have news. In the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be an urgency to avoid the game, though the cumulation of issues has somewhat done just that.

Will you give ANTHEM a chance at redemption? Or is your play-purse reserved for a different game? Fire a low blow, if you have to, in the comments box below.



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