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BioWare is Working on Dragon Age 4 for PS5, Have a Look Behind-the-Scenes

EA and BioWare have announced today that the studio is working on a brand new Dragon Age game, yet it’s still going to be quite some time before we’re all heading off on epic quests.

BioWare has put together a mini documentary-style video that goes behind-the-scenes at the studio where the game’s various developers talk a little bit about the game, but without giving too much information. There are some snippets of work-in-progress parts of the game, but nothing too exciting.

What was noted is that the game will be full of stories that focus on people around you and the friends and family that you’ll make on your adventure. Yup, sounds like standard Dragon Age to me.

The game is still in early production, so don’t expect to see much more of it anytime soon. But still, it’s cool knowing that there’s another one in the pipeline. However, it’s most likely not going to reach current-gen consoles, so you’d best put some cash in the piggy bank for when the PS5 pre-orders go live.

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