BioWare Isn’t Finished With Anthem Just Yet, Even If Everyone Else Is

As Anthem turns one, BioWare have decided there’s still life left in this flop of a title. Commitment you could call a birthday present, and which some may say is misplaced optimism. But who can get between a developer and their baby? Even if it is an underperforming baby at that…

However, this won’t be just another expansion. Or measly pach. Things are too bad for that. Instead, the team will be redesigning Anthem from the ground up – or should that be space down?

In a blog post over on the official website, Casey Hudson wrote:

“It will require a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion.

“Over the coming months we will be focusing on a longer-term redesign of the experience, specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression with meaningful rewards – while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a vast science-fantasy setting.”

Which, I think you’ll agree, sounds like they’re going above and beyond to rectify this one. However, with interest declining and bigger/better games on the horizon, can they really recapture the attention of gamers? Surely, it’d make more financial sense simply to admit defeat, learn from the mistakes and come back stronger next time.

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Especially as the next generation is now less than a year away.

In the meantime, little will change about its current incarnation – although the team’s attention will probably be diverted to this soft reboot. So I guess all we can say for certain is that the show will go on. For now, at least. And eventually a better show will take its place.

Here’s hoping!

Source: BioWare blog

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