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Black Clover Quartet Knights Demo Available Now

Hey, anime fans! There is a demo of Black Clover Quartet Knights ready to take up space on your shrinking hard drive. The demo will allow you to take part in the first three episodes in Story mode. You will help the Clover Kingdom using Asta, Yami, and Noelle in an original story written for the game. A younger Yami has popped up, and a new villain is starting trouble.

You will also get to experience the online mode in ranked matches only. You will be limited to a team of four characters with specific roles. Asta will be your fighter (no surprise there). Noelle will be your support character. With changes in the anime and her abilities, I wonder if she might not shift into a fighter role eventually too. Yuno will use his wind powers to be your shooter, and Mimosa is an ideal healer for your team.

If you do take your team online, matches will not be limited to demo players. Anyone who owns the game could be your opponent, so you will see how other characters attack and defend.

If you can spare the space with the huge release tomorrow, you can enter the world of Black Clover with the free demo.

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Press Release from Bandai Namco

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