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Black Clover: Quartet Knights Summons an Overview Trailer

Black Clover: Quartet Knights has a new trailer today, and it gives you a nice summary of what you can expect. It is a 4v4 magic battle game. In keeping with the four theme, there will be four roles for your characters to fill. There is the melee damage based fighter, the range focused shooter, the defensive and buff giving support class, and the healer class to scoop the pieces of your fighters back into a working human shape.

The game will allow your team to fight across different stages from the anime. Each of the characters will have their trademark magic spells. This can be further customized into different decks that you can switch to compensate for different battles and situations. A challenge mode will help you to further improve by giving you missions to complete.

The biggest surprise from the trailer is that there is an original story in the game. That is pretty rare, but it’s a nice touch. The story mode puts the magic knights against a powerful woman named Karna. She is threatening the entire Clover Kingdom. There also appears to be a young Yami in the game. We are not sure if he can buy cigarettes like the older Yami, if he is a time traveller, or if it is something completely different. That’s the great part about a world filled with magic. You can go completely bonkers.

Finally, the trailer shows some of the in-game animation sequences, and I don’t think fans of the series will be disappointed. If you want to check out the anime for comparison, it is simulcast on Crunchyroll with 39 episodes as of July 5th. For any newcomers, Asta’s voice is annoying, but you get used to it.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will be released on September 14th, and you can check out the official site here.

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