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Black Clover’s Asta is Yelling His Way to Jump Force

Jump Force’s large roster of heroes has grown again today. Asta from Black Clover will be joining the game, and he will be bringing his unstoppable resolve along with a giant sword or two and a five-leaf clover grimoire.

If you are unfamiliar with him, Asta is a shonen character through and through. Born without magic in a world where everyone has the ability, he has to work harder and become stronger in his impossible quest to become the wizard king. He has a unique way of speaking that often makes him sound like he is shouting in an annoying, yet strangely endearing, way.

Jump Force (or JUMP FORCE) celebrates the 50th anniversary of Shonen Jump magazine by bringing together some of it’s most popular heroes and villains from many of it’s biggest series, including Bleach, Dragon Ball, and and Naruto Shippuden. The shonen world and our world are smashed together, and you can begin the fight to save both of them on February 15th.

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