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Black Desert Celebrates 1 Year on PS4 With Awakening Skills and Handsome Rewards

Pearl Abyss announced today that its latest Black Desert class Hashashin will receive his Awakening skills today on console. It was the 19th class to be added to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and from today adventurers can check out new skills, an awakening weapon and much more thanks to a free content update.

Once Hashashin has reached his Awakening he is able to cut through enemies at a blistering pace. With his awakening weapon, Hashashin can now summon sand snakes that will help him to dispose of his opponents. With the Ensnaring Sands skill, he can shift the sand below an enemy’s feet and trap them in place. With the Constriction move, summoned sand snakes will constrict and bind your foe, rendering them immobile. The Paradise Surge skill allows Hashashin to quickly close the gap to a given enemy and deliver a lethal blow. Adventurers will discover whole new ways in playing this exciting new class when they unlock his awakening skills.

In addition, the long-awaited Dream Horse Arduanatt is coming to the world of Black Desert. Born from the spirit of the wind and earth Krogdalo, Arduanatt is able to soar through the skies and glide in the air. Arduanatt can learn any skill that other horses can learn, but also has a few exclusive skills, such as Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom.

To celebrate Black Desert’s 1st year anniversary on PlayStation 4, players on console can look forward to some handsome rewards such as 200 Cron Stones and Valk’s Advice +100. Additionally, they can purchase a rare boss chest in the pearl store for just 1 mileage.

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