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Black Ops 3 Is Holding A Double Double XP Weekend

It’s been about a month since Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 held a Double Double weekend event, so that means it’s time for another Double Double weekend event. We found out about the event under the Events tab on one of our PS4s so we included two screenshots with all the details down below, but just incase you don’t like looking at pictures we’ll spell it out for you.

A Double Double weekend means that for the entire weekend there will be double XP for your character and double XP for your weapons. The idea is to give players a little boost on their journey towards prestige or to help them get that scope they’ve always wanted. The event will start on Friday the 1st of April at 18:00 and end on Monday the 4th of April at 18:00. That equals four days of reaping twice the reward for all of your virtual killing. Not too bad at all.

We might just jump back into Black Ops 3 once more to take advantage of the event, will you be taking part or are you getting sick of Call of Duty? Let us know in our brand new comment section down below.

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